Vodafone | Takapuna

Vodafone’s vision for their new home on the North Shore of Auckland was to be a showcase for workplaces of the future. The impressive entrance is a six-story high atrium with floor to ceiling glass which we filled with custom-made extra-large StrataTM planters holding super-sized palms to fit with the atrium’s scale and create an urban jungle vibe. Each level of the atrium has internal glass balustrades facing the atrium and the design challenge was to securely hang planter troughs full of lush hanging plants from the glass. Rising to the challenge, the design team set to work engineering custom brackets to hang from the balcony uprights.  Precise engineering and clever design meant we could design a solution that was both safe and aesthetically pleasing. The abundant light means the plants here will flourish and create a fitting welcome to this state-of-the-art workplace.