A Moss Wall™ provides a variety of ways to add interest to interior spaces

They uniquely filter toxins out of the air, while requiring virtually no maintenance or up-keep.

They are also extremely effective at absorbing noise, especially in the range of the human voice, making an ideal material for use in offices and meeting rooms to reduce noise pollution. We can provide moss panels in any shape or size, with a range of twelve different colours.

Key Benefits of a Moss Wall:

  • Acoustic insulation (.91 Sabin rated absorption at 5000 Hz)
  • Fire Safe
  • Filters toxins and deodorises the air
  • Organic
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Look and feel amazing!

No Maintenance

Our moss panels are made from Reindeer Moss which is hygroscopic.

It has no roots and absorbs water through the air. At a relative humidity of 40% to 80% and kept out of direct sunlight, our moss will remain looking the same and feeling soft almost indefinitely. For further technical information see the Data Sheet.


No. Live Reindeer Moss catches fire easily when the humidity is low. This is especially the case in indoor environments during winter. Our Reindeer Moss is thus preserved to make it fire-resistant for safe indoor use.
The preservation is done with various salts and colour pigments.
AMP™ consists of a aluminium base plate, a mesh layer is used in conjunction with formaldehyde free liquid adhesive to provide a secure adhesion between the base plate and the Reindeer Moss. We use all materials with non-toxic preparation for safe indoor use.
A MossWall™ is great value, the price is about half that of a traditional greenwall, and it doesn't have any of the ongoing maintenance normally required with a living wall. Please contact us to get a quote for your particular project.
We do not recommend exposing a Moss Wall™ to direct sunlight or weathering.
Yes, it does not require natural lighting.
Yes. The Reindeer Moss cannot be ignited with a match or a candle. This has been certified according to ISO 11925-2.
The Reindeer Moss has a subtle, natural scent which decreases over time.
No. Once installed, a Moss Wall™ requires virtually no maintenance and remains intact in interiors within normal humidity conditions. Due to its hygroscopic properties, Reindeer Moss typically does not require any dusting. If vacuuming is however required, we recommend a very low suction setting using an extension brush.
The preserved Reindeer Moss is suitable for normal interior humidity levels, which typically fall between the range of 40-60%. At humidity levels below 40%, the Reindeer Moss will become dry and brittle, and salt crystals may appear on the surface. This condition is not damaging for the moss, and it will revert to a soft state at normal humidity levels.
No. As the Reindeer Moss is preserved, AMP™ doesn’t provide any nutritional ground.
Only very small plucks of Reindeer Moss are picked per patch and the area is left to regenerate for at least 6 years. Many factors are tested, such as the effect on forest animals and plants, regeneration and forest health. The sustainability is certified with the Environmental Management System Standard 14001 and Quality Standard ISO 9001. The standards are checked strictly every year.
The Reindeer Moss is picked in northern Swedish and Norwegian woodlands on a latitude where the specific Reindeer Moss grows in abundance. The picking areas are also determined by altitude. Only here the Reindeer Moss grows in the fluffy structure ideal for sound-absorption.

Moss Designs

Our moss product is extremely versatile and can be used to recreate virtually any design or shape, even wrapping around corners.

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