Generator | Madden St

Designed by Jasmax Architects, Generator’s Grid AKL building in Madden Street is New Zealand’s first purpose-built co-working space. It is also its largest, and full of interesting and inspirational environments, from small plant-filled crannies to soaring ceilings and sleek lounges. Being involved with the design of the building’s fit-out meant that Outside In could design custom greenery into the interior from the outset. The result is masses of plants that soften spaces and provide vibrancy and life. Our custom plant racks are used throughout as room dividers to give privacy and create a visual break in larger spaces. Bespoke Strata™ planters in custom colours match the interior furnishings and create stylish groupings. Trailing plants grow through and hang down the wire mesh feature wall, spanning the length of the ground floor. The combination of architected spaces, high-end furniture and luscious plants create a stunning work environment.