Product Collection

Plantscaping Products

The quality of our products allows us to expertly merge nature and design.

Our innovative products seamlessly integrate nature into your environment. The range includes greenery options for all types of spaces, indoor or outdoor. Each product is designed by our in-house experts for New Zealand commercial projects.

The collection reflects our stringent design criteria when it comes to form, function, aesthetics, longevity, and sustainability. In many cases, we can also create bespoke products to achieve a specific interior and architectural design vision.

Find out how to use our products to transform your space.


The skilled artisans at Outside In create incredible, one-of-a-kind moss artworks. Our exclusive Moss Wall™  panels can be customised in shape, size and texture. Alongside moss, our artists use preserved ferns and preserved plants to transform two-dimensional panels into stunning feature greenery.

Moss Walls™ by Outside In are effective at absorbing noise (especially in the range of the human voice). The result is reduced noise pollution and increased privacy. These low-maintenance Moss Walls™ are also fire retardant.


Few greenery features have the impact of a living green wall and green roof. Choosing from a suite of systems, our experts create custom green wall designs for commercial interiors and exteriors. Each green wall is maintained by our skilled horticultural technicians – ensuring longevity and lasting quality.

Green walls and green roofs by Outside In work as living air purifiers. They also reduce noise, while sustainably enhancing a building’s aesthetic. Whether fitted indoors or outdoors, green walls are a biophilic feature that benefits the environment.


Free-standing planters make an instant impact. From oversized planters holding mature trees to a clustered collection, they are a highly effective design tool for bringing commercial interiors to life.

Groups of planters can act as an attractive green space divider, helping partition large areas into more workable spaces. Available in a range of stylish colours, our planters can also be specified to meet interior design and brand requirements. Each free-standing planter is handmade, and hand finished. 


Create a lasting impression with our living foliage arrangements. A sustainable alternative to traditional cut office flowers, this environmentally friendly option creates beautiful impact.

Our Outside In team use lush specimens and a range of vessels to create plant arrangements that complement your commercial interior. Along with being a greener choice, it also removes the cost of regularly replacing office flowers.


Aerial and hanging planters make use of the often-overlooked space above us. They accent the architectural design – softening a space, concealing services and ducting, enhancing acoustics, and adding intimacy.

From hanging racks above tables and full coverage hanging gardens, to hanging troughs and plant chandeliers with integrated lighting, these suspended planters show the possibilities when you look up.


In-built planter beds add interest, separate spaces, and create practical seating areas. In our work with architects and interior designers, we frequently create integrated indoor gardens to bring the benefits of biophilic design into a space. Any planter shape or size is conceivable.

This type of on-mass planting creates instant vibrancy by integrating attractive plants, and even large-scale trees. In-built planters can also be fabricated to allow for easy re-positioning, giving maximum flexibility to how a space is used.


Plant racks delineate spaces without compromising light flow. They are an eye-pleasing option for partitioning areas and adding privacy. When filled with our plants for hire, they create highly inviting spaces for users.

Our range can be custom-made and can be powder-coated to suit your environment. Whether freestanding, wall-mounted, or hung from the ceiling, versatile plant racks deliver eye-catching greenery for commercial interiors and exteriors. 


Wall-mounted planters bring life to otherwise bland walls. With mounting options for all wall substrates (as well as clever solutions for corners), we can create custom office greenery to suit the aesthetic and specifications of your workplace.

These planters provide a living and ever-changing biophilic feature. By pairing our beautiful hire plants with plant rings, mounted troughs or plant shelves, the Outside In team effortlessly weave nature into your commercial interior. 


Surface-mounted planters are a simple space-saving option that brings nature desk-side. Our team can customise options to suit your space, ensuring that you have the perfect solution when it comes to indoor office plants.

Helping bring privacy to smaller areas, these planters are a spatial divider that adds commercial greenery to almost any surface. You can also opt for our revolving desk-mounted option that offers full flexibility in plant placement.


Grow lights use innovative, energy-efficient technology to encourage and enhance indoor plant growth. This scientific approach to lighting uses a highly precise photosynthetic spectrum that replicates natural sunlight across the seasons.

As well as being highly beneficial for office plants, grow lights offer a pleasing lighting hue for those using the space. From LED track grow lights, to simple and stylish pendant lights, and universal grow-light bulbs, we can create a fully scalable lighting solution that promotes plant health and longevity.