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Our product offering reflects our desire to expertly merge nature and design.

We have in-house design and fabrication specialists who are constantly designing new products to seamlessly integrate nature into your environment. Our range has something for all types of spaces, indoor or outdoor.

Each of our products has been evaluated against a stringent design criteria which includes form, function, aesthetics, longevity, and sustainability so you’re guaranteed a product that is tried and tested. In most cases we can tailor products to meet your needs and vision, including customising colours and sizes.

Find out how to use our products to transform your space.


Add interest and texture to your interiors in a variety of ways with low-maintenance moss. Our exclusive Moss Wall™ panels come in a range of shapes and sizes, and are effective at absorbing noise especially in the range of the human voice, making them ideal for reducing noise pollution and increasing privacy.

Moss can be used to create incredible, one-of-a-kind installations and our designers are adept at crafting a unique piece for any space. Alongside the moss, we have an extensive range of preserved ferns and other plants that transform a two-dimensional panel into a textured work of art.

Plant Racks

Delineate spaces while still allowing light flow and a sense of openness in your interiors with custom fabricated racks holding potted plants that compliment your fit-out.

We have a range of plant racks to suit your space or can create bespoke designs to suit your needs. Whether freestanding, wall-mounted, or hung from the ceiling our plant racks are custom-made from a range of materials and can be powder-coated to suit your environment. 


Few features have the impact of a wall of living plants. We have a suite of green wall systems available, allowing us to find the right system of architectural panels to create a custom green wall for your needs.

Each wall is different, tailored by our design team with a variety of bespoke options, but each works as a living air purifier that reduces noise and adds a sustainable aesthetic element. Our custom green walls can be fitted indoors or outdoors as a feature or functional spatial divider.


Create a lasting, sustainable impression without the cost of constantly replacing cut floral arrangements. A living foliage arrangement is a sustainable alternative of carefully curated specimen plants designed to create a strong visual impact.

We work with a range of interesting plants, vessels and colours to craft something stunning and sustainable to suit. If you’d like to change it up every now and then too, that’s no problem.


Hanging planters are a stunning way to make use of the often overlooked space above us. There are multiple ways we can utilise high spaces and these are particularly popular in areas with high, industrial ceilings – serving to soften, conceal, enhance acoustics, add intimacy and interest.

Hanging racks above tables, hanging troughs, plant chandeliers, a full coverage hanging garden, or clusters of hanging planters are just some of the options available.


Free-standing planters make a big impact quickly and easily. Larger-than-life planters hold indoor trees, creating an instant feature, or clusters of large planters create a jungle vibe. Attractive groupings of planters can be used as green space dividers to help partition large areas into more workable spaces.

Planters can be specified to meet design and brand requirements. Our in-house designed and produced Strata range of planters are one of our best-loved options offering customised colours, materials, and sizes.


Any shape or size is conceivable with in-built planter beds that add interest, separate spaces and create practical seating areas. We work closely with architects and designers to create integrated indoor gardens that are unified with the building’s form and function.

A careful selection of lush, hardy plants and large-scale trees create an instant vibrancy that only on-mass planting can do. In-built planters can even be fabricated to seamlessly move, to give maximum flexibility to a space’s use.


Surface-mounted planters are a simple space-saving option to bring nature desk-side. We have different ranges available to add life to any surface, or we can customise options to suit your space.

Helping to bring privacy to smaller areas surface planters can also break up spaces by acting as a divider. Our Orbit planter is a revolving desk-mounted planter that offers full flexibility in plant placement.


Wall-mounted planters add a beautiful, organic, natural feel to otherwise bland walls. We have a range of different mounting systems to suit the aesthetic and specifications of your workplace.

With mounting options for all wall substrates, plant rings, mounted troughs, plant shelves and clever solutions for corners can be integrated into your space. Wall greenery provides a living and ever-changing feature instead of traditional artwork.


Grow-lights use innovative technology to produce a highly precise photosynthetic spectrum meaning more plants can be grown indoors than ever before.

From the first-of-its-kind LED track light, to simple and stylish pendant lights and a universal grow-light bulb, there’s a light for every interior. Track and pendant grow-lights are fully scalable, seamlessly replicating low-light to full sunlight depending on your plant's needs.