Sylvia Park | Sustainability

Thanks to a strong vision and a passion to give back to their community, Sylvia Park has created a meaningful, measurable and long-term sustainability programme. At Outside In, we’re proud to have helped guide them on this journey. 

A once unused space to the rear of Sylvia Park is now a flourishing community garden. It’s used as a teaching tool for children from the local Sylvia Park School. Our horticulturists lead weekly gardening lessons to help the children grow seasonal vegetables. While they’re learning about nature, they’re also having a whole lot of fun. Their teachers report higher school attendance on days spent in the garden. A pocket orchard of fruit trees will soon be planted around the space, adding to the ecological and social benefits. 

Sylvia Park also established an extensive on-site composting scheme. This turns much of the food waste from its food tenancies into compost. A great compost needs green waste – and that comes from our Outside In horticulturalists, who maintain the beautiful interior and exterior greenery that flow throughout the expansive grounds.

In just two years, we’ve composted over 9 tonnes of food waste, 2 tonnes of green waste, more than 500kgs of coffee grinds and harvested 12m³ of premium compost. We use this to nourish the soil around the retail centre, and the community garden, reducing fertiliser needs. On top of that, we also capture and filter rainwater from Sylvia Park’s upper carpark. It’s a comprehensive and fully circular scheme that’s achieving change – and helping build the gardeners of tomorrow.

Outside In and sustainability
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Sylvia Park sustainability
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