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Carole Ermita

Your Account Manager, Carole Ermita, isn’t just a plant expert – she’s also an accomplished designer and a genuinely lovely person. As one of her wonderful clients, you probably already know that! Read on, and you’ll discover some fascinating facts about her. (Naturally, we couldn’t resist asking which plant variety wins her heart.)

What’s your design background? A Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design began my career in the fashion industry. Across my 22 years in the sector, I ended up specialising in knitwear design and released my own knitwear line for a time. As you can imagine, I did a lot of product development and one of my specialities was sublimation print. (You’ll spot a lot of that type of print with the logos and designs on active wear.)

What prompted the move from fashion to plants? Thinking back, I guess it was a bit of a risk joining Outside In. It was a career outside the fashion sector and my comfort zone. Any regrets? Not one! I really enjoy building great relationship with clients and being part of an amazing team. It’s a pretty special job knowing that my designs help people’s well-being and encourage them to be more productive.

What is one of your favourite plants to use in your designs – and why? Philodendrons. They are low maintenance yet come in so many beautiful varieties and have such stunning impact.

What’s the one tech tool or life hack that you couldn’t live without? When it comes to work, Microsoft OneNote on my iPad is a necessity. It lives up to the hype – all the information that my clients might need is contained within the one app.

As 2023 whizzes by, what have been some of your highlights for the year? There’ve been some big milestones at home. My son turned 18 and started university. And it’s the last year of high school for my daughter. A love of design seems to be running in our family because she’ll be studying fashion in 2024.

Carole truly is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bringing spaces to life through plant design. Like to get in touch? Email her now or call 022 155 4834.

Carole Ermita
Commercial Bay Greenscaping