Meet The Team

Dumorah Mohammed

Your Account Manager, Dumorah Mohammed, isn’t just a plant expert – she’s a design specialist, with a career background that many would dream of. Read on, and you’ll discover some fascinating facts about her. (Naturally, we couldn’t resist asking which plant variety wins her heart.)

What’s your design background? My career has included fashion design, personal styling, and photography. I worked for over two decades in the fashion sector, and many of those years involved personal styling. I have also spent 12 years as a wedding and lifestyle photographer, and it’s something that I continue to love to do. All that experience means I can instantly walk into a client’s space and imagine the design possibilities.

What is one of the things you find most satisfying about your job? I love being able to bring a client's vision into reality with plants. It’s incredibly satisfying seeing their happiness with the finished space – and knowing all the well-being and productivity benefits that my design will bring to the people who use it.

What is one of your favourite plants to use in your designs – and why? Monsteras are my favourite plants species, especially the variegated varieties with their beautiful colours and patterns. I love how big their leaves can become and how interesting their fenestrations are. I own a couple of Monstera Thai Constellations, which are my pride and joy.

What’s the one tech tool or life hack that you couldn’t live without? I cannot live without my iPad – in my work life and in my personal life. I am a visual person, so OneNote, GoodNotes and Lightroom are the apps that I love most. They help me capture all my notes, images, and journalling. I enjoy Instagram for inspiration and funny memes.

As 2023 whizzes by, what have been some of your highlights for the year? Professionally, I have just enjoyed working with my amazing team at Outside In. Every project, big or small, brings me joy and job satisfaction. Personally, my mid-year, child-free Bali holiday with my husband was the highlight of 2023. We love everything about Bali – connecting with my people, the colours, culture and food.

Dumorah truly is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bringing spaces to life through plant design. Like to get in touch? Email her now or call 022 155 7538.

Dumorah Mohammed